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Realism Dump by Neila078 Realism Dump by Neila078
Wow I surprised myself. I havent done any realism at all in probably 2 or even 3 years. I was never good at it. EVER. I have a few other realism drawings but theyre either too small, too ugly, or im just too lazy to scan them too.

So now, apperently ive unconsciously improved. These were drawn with a normal bic mechanical pencil on normal lined paper in my normal note book. nothing special about it. To be truthful all of these were only drawn to help one of my friends (who asked me to help her pick up drawing again) So i did this to give her tips.

For new artists, this is what i told her: The best thing to do i think is to really widen your area, and to really push yourself out of your comfort zone. I dont think its necessarily about years of practice (look at my friend, since my help she's picked it up in less than a year), i think its more how many different things you can do. Try drawing in REALLY different styles. and i mean REALLY different. For example if you're used to drawing only anime, try drawing realism, or try replicating disney or spongebob's style. It'll help you improve your own style by unconsciously picking up bits and pieces of things you like about the style.

...If you're also like my OVERLY PICKY FRIEND i mentioned, the biggest thing when you're starting, and i cant stress it enough, is to NOT BE PICKY. Sure it'll look a little off in the draft stages, but once you finish off the details you wont even be able to tell (and it saves you a butt-ton of time), and a little boost if you're really nervous and picky about anatomy, try drawing in the style of a cartoon with absolutely no anatomy like adventure time or something. Then once you're comfterable with the atrocities of the show's style then you'll be less picky about your art's anatomy (haha dont get me wrong i love the style)

Well that's just my thoughts on it anyways. It's helped my friend a lot, so i might as well share.



...or else i will fucking picky pick out your eyes, im looking at you murrane...
SoraLove Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Good tips and awesome drawings, my favorite is the first! :)
Neila078 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks and no problemo
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